Landscape Architecture and
Urban Planning Portfolio

I’m currently in two master's
degree programs; one in L.A and
the other in urban planning.
Here is a sampling of some
projects I have completed
individually throughout my first
year of school. Click on each
image to link to the subsection.

Communities - The Urban Villiage (a conservation community)
This design is a conservation community on an existing site in Plymouth Minnesota. The goal of this
design was to create a dense, close community, while preserving the greatest amount of existing
vegetation and connectivity between the wetlands. A charming, community oriented villiage set
amongst a healthy, interconnected natural landscape...

The housing on this site is tightly grouped together in the fashion of old English villiages, the unusal
curvature of the roads is due to the original contour lines. Some of the greatest assests of this design
are the trails, wetland boardwalks, city square, and the great care taken to preserve the original

Many aspects of this site were explored such as grading, sewers, manholes, roads, sidewalks, setbacks,
genuine house footprint, geo-thermal warming, etc. Click on each image to enlarge it.